exhibition: Midnight Garden UNTOLD – solo show at Rocket Gallery Omotesando, Tokyo


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It is my pleasure to announce my new solo exhibition at Rocket Gallery Omotesando, Tokyo, from 25th Nov till 30th Nov. The exhibition also featuring specially hand-drawn mural in the gallery space.

please see press release:

The title “Midnight Garden UNTOLD” refers to one of Przemek’s previous projects an CD jacket he designed for Midnight Cinema – album by Taiwanese singer Joanna Wang. “Midnight Garden” is imaginary place which Przemek created for the album, where reality and magic interact with each other, where past and present become one, where each corner has its own story constantly evolving, changing.

“Midnight Garden UNTOLD” is kind of spin off of the same concept, where Przemek introducing new tales, with a little bit more twisted touch.

The exhibition also contains preview of Przemek’s work-in-progress Zine Project featuring conversation between renowned milliner Stephen Jones and Joanna Wang, which originally took place at New Otani Hotel in 2014.

Kindly supported by Polish Culture Institute in Tokyo, My Little Box, POMMERY Champagne and my management in Japan AVGSVT International.

Please stop by!!!

Rocket Gallery Omotesando

150-0001 Tokyo Shibuya-ku Jingumae 4-12-10 Omotesando Hills Doujun Wing 3F


今回のタイトル ”Midnight Garden UNTOLD” はプシェメクが以前ジャケットデザインを手がけた台湾人歌手のジョアンナ・ワンのCDアルバム、”Midnight Cinema” の名前を参照した。”Midnight Garden” はプシェメクがこのアルバムデザインのために発想した架空の場所で、そこでは現実と魔法の世界が相互に混ざり合い、過去と現在がひとつとなり、あらゆる場所が絶え間なく進化し、そして変化し続ける。

“Midnight Garden UNTOLD”は“Midnight Cinema”のCDジャケットをデザインした時と同様のコンセプトに沿って表現したスピンオフ であり、プシェメクが少しだけひねりを加えて紹介する新たな物語。




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