CRYSTALS & SWANS – display installation at Vermeerist BEAMS – one week to go!!!


For last few months there has been display installation CRYSTAL & SWANS especially created for Vermeerist BEAMS. The exhibition was also a part of the solo exhibition with the same name – the exhibition ended last Nov and the display has remained till now. And as the time flies and it just cant stay forever it will end soon – on 15th March – to make free space for new season`s one.

Just to remind you it was based on the fall/winter season – a carefully selected pieces from various collections by one and only creative mind behind Vermeerist BEAMS Tomoko Inuzuka – with key words as such purity, inner strength, inner beauty, innocence, mystery.

So it is one week to go – only till 15th March at Vermeerist BEAMS / BEAMS INTERNATIONAL B1 Harajuku Tokyo.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 16.04.46



Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 17.40.28

with Tomoko Inuzuka /centre/ and my manager Fumiko Sumi /AVGVST/ – from the opening of CRYSTALS and SWANS
client: Vermeerist BEAMS
art direction, illustration: przemek sobocki


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