Anniversary Project: ALAIN MIKLI JAPON x przemek

przemek x Alain Mikli Japon 1
photo by Maciej Kucia /Avgvst/; models: Joe Kazuaki /Tokyo Dandy/, Akane Inada
I would like to introduce one of my recent projects which I am very proud of – a collaboration with ALIAN MIKLI JAPON for their Anniversary Project, for which I did the main art direction.
It was an amazing journey to look into the history of such an iconic brand and do a proper research on it.
The checked pattern I have created is a direct reference to the characteristic pattern used by the brand for years.
All in the classic black and coral red colours in the shapes of optical illusion and deformations as a reminescence of magnifying glass or rain drop.
Based on the pattern I have created window displays for two anniversary boutiques in Minami-aoyama and Marunouchi
as well as there were issued a special limited edition of glasses – created here locally in Japan – especially on this occasion.
The project is also me coming back to my basis which is more design field, and a little bit less illustration this time.
The Anniversary Project will carry on at Minami-Aoyama and Marunouchi stores till the end of July. Please visit!


( c ) Kazufumi Shimoyashiki and mikli japon k.k. all rights reserved.








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