display for ISETAN Shinjuku, Tokyo – till 18th Sept

It is my real pleasure to introduce one of the biggest and the best recent projects – a collaboration with PRANKS /production company/ for ISETAN display. For those who are unaware – ISETAN is one of the leading and well known department stores in Japan – I would say think Selfridges or Harvey Nichols in London. It was my honour and privilege to be part of the project, which including 12 main window displays as well as interiors /floors, cabinets etc/. It is happening now and will ends on Sept 18th. And it is all about mushroom “magical” world and it’s called 2012 ISETAN IRODORISAI.
The project also including collaboration with photographer Suzuki san whose new book about mushrooms, of course, will be out soon.

Big thank you to Isetan team, Mju company team and most of all to PRANKS team, especially to art director Sato san and Takuya Sakai who was managing the work, also to my agency AVGVST for their great support!!!

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