3 years with SIGNO&IMAGE. Thank You so Much for ALL!!!

I made my decision and it is happening now. After 3 years I am leaving SIGNO management, my very first agency and stepping into new era of my career. Exciting? YES, Sad? Actually YES as well. That s the one thing I didn’t expect I got quite emotional about my departure. I knew it would be difficult but not this way. I realized that agency for artist becoming like your family, with all Love and Hates and Support and Missunderstandings. I guess that s the way it is. And I felt it so badly when I announced my decision to my Boss. So I stilll feel a bit emotional but also ready for New.        So I would like to THANK YOU to Mabuchi san /the Big Boss of SIGNO and IMAGE/, my manager Nanao Okazawa and to all stuff and artists from SIGNO and IMAGE. I would like to THANK YOU for giving me a chance, for believing in my work, for your support, for being patient with me, for guiding me and for being my Japanese Family for 3 years. I so APPRECIATE it and TRUELLY GRATEFUL. Also I would like to THANK YOU to Ai Tominaga /Ai chan/ for being soooooo dangerously nice and supposrtive and most of all sending Big THANK YOU to Akasaka san /Founder&President of IMAGE/ for believing in me and my artpieces, for giving me amazing advices, for mentoring me. HUGE RESPECT!!!

Wishing All the Best to Us!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


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