tonight: ONE NIPPON at Trump Room, another event in Tokyo and it is all about SOLIDARITY!!!prz

Dear K.,

And there is another MUST-ATTEND-EVENT in Tokyo tonight and it is all about SOLIDARITY!!!

Organized by Tokyo Dandy “together” with Second Harvest Japan at Trump Room and instead of entrance we all bring at least 3 items which are Japanese people, from the most affected area by Earthquake and Tsunami up the East-North Japan, need the most.

Here is the LIST of the items, provided by Second Harvest Japan:

* Food & Beverage (MUST be unexpired): rice, canned items, retort-pouch food, food for elderly people, baby formula and baby food
* Items for Baby & Elderly People (MUST be unopened): baby diapers and adult diapers
* Items for Soup Kitchen(MUST be unused): paper plates, paper cups, plastic spoons, plastic forks, chopsticks and saran wraps
* Other (MUST be unused): brand-new underwear, wet wipes, masks, shampoo that does not require water, towel, portable gas stove and portable gas


p     xxx

ps more details /also in Japanses/ at TOKYO DANDY site!!!


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