slide-show: KAIDAN for HINT magazine /project H./, FINALLY s NOW on!!!

Picture 97

credits: art direction/ illustration: przemek sobocki; styling: Misha Janette Fleming; flash design: Takayuki Kataya /last version/, Nobuaki Niiho /first version/; sound: Shuta Shinoda /Shutastudio Labs/

Picture 95

Big Thanks to Lee Carter from Hint magazine

it takes time to upload it but it is worth to wait! promise! and put the VOLUME UP – as we have made sound especially for the story – thanks to Shuta!!!                                                              To see the whole story pls go to Hint magazine or click for a direct link HERE

Picture 99

inspirations: various Japanese “horror” movies like Ring, Dark Water, Kaidan/Kwaidan/, Ju-on or Audition, Japanese anime, work of Mizuno Manabu, Studio Ghibli, Japanese designer /brands like Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcones, Jun Takahashi of Undercover, Koko Yamase of les Brique`a braque, Shue Uemura, Issey Miyake to name few, etc etc…

Picture 100

Picture 96


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