story so far: A Whole Prada Love, Sept`05, a slide-show for Hint mag /director`s cut/

I am not usually looking back to what I did some time ago; however at the moment I have indeed some reasons to do it so; it is mostly because of my the projects I have been working on for last few months; and also those “stories” have been forgotten and unnoticed a little bit among of my other work so I guess it is right time to get rid of the dust and show them again… for a brief moment at least;… so… most of all I would like to present projects I did for Lee Carter and his New York based HINT magazine; so far all together there are 6 stories/slide shows, mostly for SHOPTART section;  to see the whole slide-show please click the link below:


featuring: pieces from Prada aw`05 collection as well as an apple bag by Izabela Gkagkanis and long knitted MM Margiela gloves;  inspirations: a one scene from Blow UP by Michelangelo Antonioni /also attached below/which stuck in my memory for at least 15 years /really don`t remember when exactly I watched the movie for the first time/, also Japanese Anime… and snow, snow, snow…; this story originally was made for printed magazine but fortunately at the time only HINT was interested in it and offered me to make it into a SLIDE-SHOW,… so that`s exactly how all did started; and BIG Thanks to Lee Carter for giving me a chance!!!

before: from Blow Up by M.Antonioni /can you see Vanessa Redgrave?/
... and after

no5 originally I proposed two titles: Winter Story and A Short Story About Love; though the final one came from HINT mag team; and since then they have been authors for other titles of our future projects;

below you can also see the scene 7 /for the very first time presented to the public/which was excluded from the final version – as we just thought it was a bit… “inappropriate”. I did not even send it to HINT and next day got email from Lee Carter that one scene is missing, the scene 7; so i sent it explaining why i did not before…, and he understood.


scene 7 - removed from the final version

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