FINAL: project Alpha!!! new branch in Kichijoji, Tokyo

dscn4703 dscn4713

officially Hair Salon Alpha`s new branch in Kichjijoji has been open on 7th April; the project involved Sugiyama san /Alpha`s creator/, Ando san /interior design/ and myself; result: four wall drawings – done directly on  te walls /including two walls about 6m high;  please feel free to pop in if you are around – they are really sweet people, I mean Alpha`s staff!!! address: #3F  2-10-7 honcyo kichijoji musashino-shi TOKYO tel:0422-23-8444;  武蔵野市吉祥寺本町2-10-7 K-2107 bldg.3F/4F


dscn4696 dscn4705

dscn46901 dscn4757-1


dscn4688 dscn4720


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